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Global Network : Japan

Recruit Group's global network spans worldwide, including Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

Human Resource

Recruit Career Co.,Ltd.

Recruitment advertising services, recruitment services, and screening support services

Recruit Jobs Co.,Ltd.

Provider of a wide range of information to support a variety of work styles including part-time jobs, temporary jobs, and full-time jobs


Responsible for business management of the Staff Service Group and related operations

Staff Service Co.,Ltd.

Staffing services (clerical positions, technical positions, IT engineers, caregiver jobs, nursing jobs, healthcare administration jobs), temp-to-perm positions, and permanent placement services

Techno Service Co.,Ltd.

Staffing, temp-to-perm positions, and outsourcing for industrial jobs

Staff Service Office Management Co.,Ltd.
Staff Service Office Management Co.,Ltd.

Provider of back office services for temporary staff registered with the Staff Service Group

Staff Service Business Support Co.,Ltd.

Provider of back office services for the Staff Service Group

Recruit Staffing Co.,Ltd.

Staffing services

OJT Solutions, Inc.

Joint venture launched by Toyota Motor Corporation and Recruit Group to provide solutions improving manufacturing operations

CDS K.K. (CDSi K.K.)

Provider of mid-level to senior executive search and recruitment services in Japan for multinational clients in all industries

Jobdirect, Inc.

Operator of the Job Direct website, which allows users to search for job opportunities, and provider of consulting services for the HR services industry

Hatarakigainoaru Kaisya Institute, Inc.

Provider of services that survey, analyze, and report on “great places to work”

From A Career Co.,Ltd.

Operator of the From A Career and Gaten Career websites

Yumex, Inc.

Provider of information on job opportunities using newspaper inserts and the web

Recruit R&D Staffing Co.,Ltd.

Outsourcing business for R&D and technical positions

Recruit Executive Agent Co.,Ltd.

Mid-level to senior executive search and recruitment services in Japan for Japanese companies in all industries

Recruit Communication Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Support services to help companies to achieve operations that maximize the potential of their people and organizations

Recruit Career Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Provider of outplacement services and career development services to help individuals and companies move forward positively to their next phase of development

Recruit Staffing Crafts Co.,Ltd.

Producer of promotional goods made from handmade paper

Recruit Staffing Information Services Co.,Ltd.

Temporary engineer staffing services and outsourcing services for IT development and operations

Recruit Management Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Provider of assessment, consulting, and training services to address management and HR needs

Recruit Medical Career Co.,Ltd.

Permanent placement of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, recruitment advertising for doctors


Recruit Sumai Company Ltd.

Provider of a wide range of services to address diverse housing-related needs including renting, buying, building, and remodeling a home. Operations also include providing information through a variety of websites and magazines, and offering face-to-face consultation services

Homepro Co.,Ltd.

Joint venture co-financed by Recruit Holdings, OG Capital (wholly owned by Osaka Gas), NTT West, and NTT East to offer services that connect customers with remodeling companies, mainly over the Internet

Bridal, Automobiles, Education

Recruit Marketing Partners Co.,Ltd.

Bringing you various services related to life events, such as in the areas of marriage (Zexy), students’ career (Rikunabi Shingaku), education (Study Sapuri/Quipper), and automobiles (Car Sensor).

Recruit Zexy Navi Co.,Ltd.

Provider of information on wedding venues located both inside and outside Japan as well as information on wedding supplies

Recruit Kitakanto Marketing Co.,Ltd.

Sales, marketing, and ad production for the websites and magazines of Suumo, Car Sensor, Chumon Jutaku for the Gunma area (including Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures), Hot Pepper (Gunma and Ibaraki prefectures), and Shingaku

Recruit Tokai Carsensor Co.,Ltd.
Recruit Tokai Carsensor Co.,Ltd.

Sales, marketing, and ad production for Car Sensor for the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures)

Recruit Carsensor Co.,Ltd.

Sales, marketing, and ad production for Car Sensor for the Hokkaido and the Kanto area

Recruit Nishinihon Carsensor Co.,Ltd.
Recruit Nishinihon Carsensor Co.,Ltd.

Sales, marketing, and ad production for Car Sensor for Western Japan (Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions)

Life Style

Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd.

Services that help customers in their day-to-day lives in a wide variety of categories including travel, dining, beauty, educational courses and classes, online shopping services, and group coupon services

Seanuts Co.,Ltd.

Provider of a service for sending and receiving booking information from travel agencies and online services to hotels and other accommodations, and integrated management of vacancies and accommodation planning

Recruit Hokkaido Jalan Co.,Ltd.

Responsible for the Recruit Group’s regional marketing activities for the Hokkaido area

Recruit Lifestyle Okinawa Co.,Ltd.

Responsible for the Recruit Group’s regional marketing activities for the Okinawa area

Gochimaru Inc.

Business that sells food items over the Internet

Blogwatcher, Inc.

Lifelog business leveraging user profile information and provider of solutions leveraging website design and behavior analysis based on user search history

ANA Jalan Pack Co., Ltd.

ANA Jalan Pack Co., Ltd. provides a domestic dynamic package product that allows consumers to build their own package, from among airline ticket which is the largest airport network in domestic of ANA HOLDINGS INC. with Jalan which is the greatest online travel agant in domestic of Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.


Nijibox Co.,Ltd.

Provider of services to plan, develop, and operate digital content

Recruit Strategic Partners Co.,Ltd.
Recruit Strategic Partners Co.,Ltd.

Corporate venture capital unit aimed at promoting R&D in the areas of Internet technology and digital media

Recruit Communications Co.,Ltd.

Provider of a wide variety of client-oriented services including solutions that help clients attract customers, web marketing, media production, distribution, advertising, and customer support in association with other Recruit Group units

Recruit Administration Co.,Ltd.

Strategic planning, promotion, and specialized services for a wide variety of functions for the Recruit Group including accounting, HR, general affairs, legal affairs, and information security

Recruit Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Developer and provider of IT and Internet marketing technologies to help develop the Recruit Group business

Recruit Office Support Co.,Ltd.

Provider of printing services, administrative services, and other services to the Recruit Group