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Recruit logo and corporate message

We will explain about the Recruit logo and the message of the Recruit brand.

Recruit logo

We designed our logo in the shape of what we call an opportunity bridge.
This bridge expresses our role of connecting people and opportunities.
Connecting the present and the future.
Connecting individuals and the wider world.

Two corporate messages express the Recruit brand

Our vision for the world
Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Material wealth does not necessarily lead to fulfillment in life. Recruit believes that in a truly fulfilling world, people can achieve their dreams on their own and choose their own lifestyle. Follow Your Heart expresses our wish to be the one to support individuals as they work toward their dreams.

Our role
Opportunities for Life

Opportunities for Life.

Life is filled with untapped, undiscovered worlds and opportunities. Recruit believes in the potential of every individual and is focused on helping people to discover opportunities that open up new beginnings in life. We want to help people find new peers and friends, new aspirations, and new and fulfilling ways to spend their time.
Opportunities for Life expresses this commitment and is our message of what Recruit can do for society.
Every month, we feature a corporate ad developed with the theme of Opportunities for Life.

About the rainbow color

About the rainbow color

The rainbow color is frequently used on the Recruit website and in Recruit advertising.
This rainbow color expresses our belief that all people have their own personal color. This personal color changes on a moment-to-moment basis as people live their lives and is affected by experiences. In other words, personal color cannot be expressed with only one color. The rainbow color depicts this diversity and symbolizes our commitment to providing services that accommodate personal needs. It expresses our desire to serve as a bridge for all individuals and our commitment to help everyone discover Opportunities for Life.

Animated logo appearing in Recruit TV commercials

The animated logo appearing in Recruit TV commercials

Take a look at our rainbow logo!

In our animated logo, colored lines merge in a rainbow of color to form Recruit's blue opportunity bridge. These lines signify each individual's feelings, desires, and aspirations.
The short animated logo depicts Recruit's commitment to serve as an opportunity bridge that helps people discover Opportunities for Life and make their way forward to the future that awaits.

High Five!

You can hear the sound of a clap at the end of our animated logo and TV commercials. That is the sound of a high five--the sound of people giving Recruit a high five when they are having fun, receive some good news, or realize their dreams. Our mission is to help people discover Opportunities for Life, and our reward is sharing in the good times that result.