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Recruit seen in visual images

Recruit has built up a unique multi-faceted business in its more than fifty-year history. These are shown in several short videos.

Recruit's business domains

It may be a bit difficult to understand Recruit's business domains.
There are many major turning points and small enjoyable events in life. It is from this perspective, that Recruit's business domains are shown.

Recruit's corporate culture

Recruit has possessed a unique corporate culture since its establishment. Why has the company been able to maintain its corporate culture even though new people have joined the company and many have moved on? What do people who work at Recruit think of the company's culture? This video mainly consists of various interviews.

Recruit's business model

Recruit's basic business model contains the way of connection between users and clients. For easier understanding, we prepared animation and explained more about the model. We named it "Ribbon Model". Different 3 services, but all can be explained with one standpoint.