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Message from the President

Opportunities for Life
We seek to realize a brighter, more fulfilling world in which each individual can shine

The Recruit Group has been helping to free people from all kinds of negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, frustration, inconvenience, and concern. It has also assisted them in moving forward, creating employment and boosting consumption through information magazines, websites, counter services and so on. In recent years, it has been employing information technologies to provide support for the business activities of its corporate customers.

Since its founding, the Recruit Group has been providing services to match the needs of companies and people (customers). Japan is now facing increasingly complex issues including a rapidly aging and shrinking population and excessively declining population in local communities. We are committed to helping solve these negative emotions and issues by creating new value. The principles behind all our businesses and services are the spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong sense of ownership.

The Recruit Group is currently providing services around the world through its 900 bases in close to 20 countries. In an increasingly IT-driven and globalizing society, we will strive harder than ever to address all kinds of negative emotions with our never-changing characteristics and contribute to developing industries and improving the convenience of people.

We will work to help you discover "Opportunities for Life" in a way that goes beyond nationality, gender, industry, or job type with the aim of realizing a brighter, more fulfilling world in which each individual can shine.

Masumi Minegishi, President and Representative Director, CEO