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Community Involvement and Development

Recruit understands that together with the development of its business comes huge responsibility as a corporate citizen. As a leading company, we will continue to contribute and give back to communities and society as a whole.

Social Contribution Activities

"Fulfilling Our Responsibilities as a Corporate Citizen" is one of the Recruit Group's three guiding principles for its CSR approach.

Townwork Try! Work

We offer support for the workplace experience activities that are part of junior high schools' general studies courses to build a sense of anticipation toward work as something exciting.

Recruit WORKFIT Program

We provide employment seminars to support young people searching for jobs. Our aim is to contribute to a society in which all young people can work with vitality and drive.

Recruit's Two Galleries

We operate two galleries in Tokyo's Ginza district, where we work to present ideas for an abundant life through the power of design and to support young artists.

Support for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

The entire Recruit Group continues to provide support to help speed the recovery from the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake.

Other Activities

Recruit Group companies have spread worldwide. We carry out activities to help each of the communities we call home with the issues they face.

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