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Recruit's Two Galleries

Recruit operates two galleries that support young artists and present ideas for enriched lives through the power of design.

Creation Gallery G8

Showcasing the attraction of design and creating opportunities to bring people together

Creation Gallery G8

Creation Gallery G8 was started in the Ginza 7-Chome Building as G7 Gallery in 1985. The gallery was opened to help to enliven the Ginza area, a center of culture in the heart of Tokyo where Recruit has two buildings. In 1989 the gallery moved to its current location on the first floor of the Ginza 8-Chome Building. The name was changed to Creation Gallery G8, bearing the name of our design magazine Creation, by chief editor and graphic designer Yusaku Kamekura. The gallery's exhibits focus primarily on graphic design, drawing on the theme of "Design and Communication."

We will continue our activities with the aim of presenting ideas for enriched lives and creating opportunities for various encounters through design.

Mizumaru Anzai Exhibition (2014)

Torafu Architects (2014)

Illuminating Graphics (2014)

Creation Gallery G8

Guardian Garden

Support for the activities of young artists, centered on open competitions

Guardian Garden

Guardian Garden was opened in 1990 to provide a place and opportunities for young artists to show their work. The gallery's activities center on its 1_WALL open competitions for the right to hold a solo exhibition in Guardian Garden. Calls for submissions are made twice yearly in two areas: graphic art and photography. After the submitted works go through a preliminary evaluation round, they are then judged individually, including jury interviews of the artists. After this six finalists are selected for 1_WALL exhibitions. The works are open to the public throughout the exhibition period, after which a final selection meeting is held to select the winner of the Grand Prize.

The judges are leaders in their respective fields, invited to help discover and develop new talent from a long-term perspective. These exhibitions are an opportunity for artists to take a major step forward on the road to a professional career, bringing together the young people who will lead the next generation.

1_WALL exhibition

Final public review

Grand Prize winner Ai Teramoto (2014)

About 1_WALL

Guardian Garden

Charity exhibitions with wishes for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Charity exhibitions with wishes for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Our two galleries began holding annual charity exhibitions in 1990. In recent years we have exhibited and sold works designed by a number of creative artists associated with the galleries, who volunteer their talents to create items used in daily life. The proceeds are then donated to charity. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, we have focused on items from the Tohoku region to support industry in the areas affected by the disaster. The exhibitions so far have been "Tote Bags Made in East Japan" (made in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and Ibaraki) in 2011, "East Aloha" (Fukushima) in 2012, "Little Handbags from Ishinomaki" (Miyagi) in 2013, and "Japanese-Style Notebooks from Tohoku" (Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima) in 2014.

During these exhibitions, we sold 2,506 tote bags, 1,351 aloha shirts, 2,250 Ishinomaki handbags, and about 7,000 Japanese-style notebooks, from which we were able to contribute a total of about 7.8 million yen over the first three years to support the children of the affected areas. The proceeds from "Japanese-Style Notebooks from Tohoku" are scheduled to be donated at the end of June 2015.

Exhibition of "Japanese-Style Notebooks from Tohoku" (2014), made in self-help workshops by 187 creative artists and differently abled people

Previous Creation Projects


Katsumi Asaba

Katsumi Asaba (Art Director, Chairman of the Japan Graphic Designers Association, Director of Kuwasawa Design School)

Creation Gallery G8 is an important site for expression in Japan, a place where one can rediscover oneself as a designer and experiment in different forms of expression. When I served as a judge in the Guardian Garden open competitions, we sometimes held discussions until the middle of the night. I don't think there is any other competition with a level of passion this high. Something common to both of Recruit's galleries is that they continue to follow and watch the artists as they progress. This makes the existence of these galleries very significant both for artists and for creation in Japan.

Ai Teramoto

Ai Teramoto (Illustrator)

The 1_WALL competitions are an opportunity not only to present your work and portfolio, but also to tell the jury about your work in your own words. I used to have a tendency to isolate myself socially, focusing inward on my work, but through the jury process I learned to adopt a more open attitude in relating to society. I was involved with the competition for over a year, including the Grand Prize solo exhibition. During that time, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of my work than before by taking a long and careful look at myself. It was a valuable experience in which I also received a lot of advice about how to live as an artist.

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