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Townwork Try! Work

Support for more meaningful workplace experience career education in junior high school

Recruit Social Contribution Activity  Townwork Try! Work  Work experience lessons for junior high school students

Most junior high school students in Japan take part in "work experience" activities as part of their career education. To provide support so these students can look forward to work as something exciting and obtain a deeper appreciation of what work actually involves, since 2007 we have conducted Townwork Try! Work, our career education support program.

In this program, Recruit employees give lessons to students before and after their workplace experience activity, which is conducted as part of their general study course. Employees then work together with students to prepare student-edited versions of Recruit's Townwork magazine.

Sharing the skills to discover the fascination of work and communicate it to others, which we have cultivated in our business

Townwork is a job information magazine published by the Recruit Group for people who want to work locally. To communicate the attraction of companies and the people who work for them in this magazine, Recruit employees develop the skills (seeing, listening, and communicating) and knowledge to identify what makes working people shine and to share it. Recognizing that these skills and knowledge would be useful to junior high school students who are learning about work at local companies and retail shops, Recruit developed the Townwork Try! Work program by conducting interviews to clarify issues affecting classroom education.

In a lesson before the work experience activity, Recruit employees teach students how to observe working people and gather information as local "job researchers." A lesson conducted after they have completed the work experience focuses on how well students have perceived people's thoughts on the jobs they perform and how best to convey them to readers. The articles written by students are gathered in a student-edited version of Townwork for each school. This is distributed in the communities around the junior high schools to help raise the educational level of the entire community.

The skills to discover and communicate the attraction of work are a major asset of the Recruit Group, which was founded as a job advertisement business. These skills allow us to give back to society through children. The Townwork Try! Work program lets us put our knowledge to work to benefit the community, and contribute to society in ways that only Recruit can. We developed the program from the ground up based on the Recruit Group's capacity to support such opportunities and roles.

From fiscal 2007 to 2014, a total of 10,563 junior high school students participated in Townwork Try! Work. A total of 282 Recruit employees served as instructors.

In fiscal 2014, 1,631 junior high school students took part in the program.

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