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External Evaluations

Awards and Evaluations for the Recruit Group's Initiatives

Human Rights

Media Award, Tokyo SuperStar Awards 2014

The August 23, 2014, issue of Zexy Premier magazine received the Media Award in the Tokyo SuperStar Awards 2014, which recognize individuals and organizations that have contributed to the development of lesbian and gay culture and the LGBT community. The magazine has carried stories on same-sex weddings in every issue since the August 2012 issue of Zexy Anhelo, its predecessor. In June 2014 it produced the wedding of gay couple Takuya Nishida and Seiya Hishinuma, who gave their vows at Aoyama Geihinkan in Tokyo. The August 23 issue ran a feature on the wedding, leading to the evaluation that it accurately and fairly covered and depicted the LGBT community and culture.

Tokyo SuperStar Awards 2014

Labor Practices

2014 Diversity Management Selection 100

Recruit Holdings was named as one of the companies selected for the 2014 Diversity Management Selection 100 (METI Minister's Award). Administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the project commends companies that have raised their corporate value through diversity management. Recruit Holdings was recognized for developing an environment in which working mothers can work successfully with its system for supporting work-life balance, and for creating services designed from women's perspectives.

Grand Prize, Advanced category, 2014 J-Win Diversity Awards

Recruit Holdings received the Grand Prize in the Advanced category of the 2014 J-Win Diversity Awards, sponsored by the specified nonprofit organization Japan Women's Innovative Network. These awards are presented to progressive businesses that promote diversity and inclusion.

The Advanced category recognizes companies that promote diversity and inclusion as part of their business strategy and, focusing on women's career advancement as a key issue, proactively work to develop systems for fostering female leaders on an ongoing basis, integrate diverse ideas and aptitudes, and aim to nurture an innovative organization and corporate culture that generate new value.

12th place, 100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part

Recruit Holdings placed 12th overall in the Survey on Female Workers' Workplace Opportunities, conducted by Nikkei Woman magazine (Nikkei Business Publications).

The survey measures how female workers are treated and promoted in terms of four indicators: promotion to managerial positions, work-life balance, active use of women's abilities, and gender equality. The scores for each indicator are summed up to produce deviation scores for the overall ranking.

Recruit Holdings received high ratings for publicly disclosing its numerical target for the percentage of women in executive positions and for conducting training courses aimed at turning out female leaders.

15th Telework Promotion Awards

The Japan Telework Association presents its Telework Promotion Awards each year to companies and organizations that introduce and utilize telework (telecommuting) or otherwise contribute to promoting telework. In 2014, Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. received an award of excellence and Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. received an encouragement award.

Award for excellence, fiscal 2014 Nagoya certification of companies promoting women's activities

The city of Nagoya certifies companies that make efforts to encourage women's success in the workplace and awards those among them that engage in particularly outstanding initiatives.

Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. won an award of excellence in December 2014. The award announcement cited the following reasons: Recruit Marketing Partners "promotes work-life balance by creating a climate in which flexible and diverse working styles, including flextime and telecommuting, are the norm. With regard to long working hours, meanwhile, it is aware of the issue and taking remedial measures, such as encouraging employees to take paid leave. The company is also promoting efforts to increase the number of women in management positions, setting numerical targets."

Award for excellence, fiscal 2014 Nagoya certification of companies promoting women's activities

Fair Operating Practices

REC Audited

Advantage Resourcing UK is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), a British organization representing the recruitment industry, and has achieved REC Audited status.

The REC audit follows unique standards that go beyond compliance and also include such areas as customer service, staff development, diversity, and client management.

The Environment

Certified as an Eco-First company by the Ministry of the Environment

On April 21, 2011, we were certified as an Eco-First company and a leading information services company under the Eco-First system established by the Ministry of the Environment. In this system, companies make environmental commitments to the Minister of the Environment to promote efforts as industry leaders.

Eco-First company

Consumer Issues

1st place, overall satisfaction, outplacement and recruitment agency category, 2014 Oricon CS Ranking

For the second consecutive year, Recruit Career Co., Ltd. and its Recruit Agent service came out number one in overall satisfaction in the outplacement and recruitment agency category of the 2014 Oricon CS (Customer Satisfaction) Ranking, based on a survey by Oricon Inc.

The survey limits respondents to individuals who are currently using or have used the services and products being evaluated and measures customer satisfaction using multiple items from a multifaceted perspective. Recruit Career and Recruit Agent topped the list due to the wealth and freshness of job information, reliability, and other factors.

Achievement prize, Association for Urban Housing Sciences Awards

We received an achievement prize in the 2014 Association for Urban Housing Sciences Awards for the "operation of a database of information on subrogated payments (rent payments) for rental housing," awarded jointly to the Leasing Information Communicate Center, the Japan Property Management Association, and Takeshi So, manager of the Recruit Sumai Company Ltd. Housing Institute. The association presents the award to commend outstanding achievements relating to urban housing, in areas including housing sciences, housing plans and projects, and housing policy.

The commended project involved establishing and running Japan's first database on subrogated payments (rent payments) for rental housing. It was recognized for facilitating room rentals to individuals with attributes that hitherto made it difficult for them to find rooms due to prejudice and discrimination. By accumulating only records on past rent payments, the database makes it possible to verify a consistent payment history, enhancing the individuals' credit score.

Inclusion in the database is strictly on a request basis, and the project was also evaluated highly for its due attention to protecting personal information and ensuring an appropriate operating structure.

Achievement prize, Association for Urban Housing Sciences Awards

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