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Message from the President

Message from the President

Recruit: In the Business of Contributing to Society

President and Representative Director, CEO, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Masumi Minegishi

Ever since its foundation, Recruit has provided a range of matching services to build connections between members of the corporate community and its users among the general public. For more than 55 years we have grown continuously, creating countless new projects and services. I believe this is wholly thanks to the hopes and demands we have received from throughout society, sparking the desire among all of our employees to respond to these with their own innovations.

In April 2013, Recruit launched a project to revisit its Management Philosophy under its new group operating structure. This produced deep discussion on the goals the Recruit Group should set for itself and the form it wishes to take from now into the future. A year of debate produced a fresh understanding of what Recruit has accomplished to date, as well as what it has yet to achieve. It made us keenly aware of the rising expectations that society has of us, inspiring us at the same time to go one step further, asking ourselves what we can provide to society and continuing our efforts toward that goal. Having renewed our determination to continue creating new value in order to meet the demands of society, we defined the following Management Philosophy to guide our actions.

Recruit Group Management Philosophy (Mission)

We are focused on responding to the needs of society by creating new value, thereby contributing to a brighter and more fulfilling world in which all individuals can live life to the fullest.
Our aim is to contribute to a bright, vibrant future where people can choose their own life path.

We then followed this in 2014 with a reappraisal of our sustainability policy, defining new Guiding Principles and Five Core Themes for our CSR. The Guiding Principles place "Contributing to Society Through Our Business" at the center, joining this with "Meeting the Expectations of Society" and "Fulfilling Our Responsibility as a Corporate Citizen." By arranging the specific tasks before us along the two axes of "stakeholder and social expectations" and "relevance to the Recruit Group's business," we arrived at our Five Core Themes.

Today we stand ready not just to meet the needs of the customers making use of our services but also to squarely face the needs of the society and customers of the future, working together with these partners to craft solutions to the social issues that will affect us all. At the core of these efforts will be each and every one of Recruit's employees, who can be counted on to address stakeholders' demands and society's issues, striving toward solutions with a strong sense of responsibility and high energy. Japan today is ahead of the global curve in facing challenges like a low birthrate, a graying population, and depopulation of its rural regions. We believe that by supporting the nation through our innovation as it steps up to meet these challenges, we can contribute something of real value to the world as a whole. At Recruit, we understand that now more than ever, we are called upon to listen intently to the messages of society and to work together with all stakeholders in response.

Recruit provides its services on a global scale, through a network of some 900 bases of operations in around 20 countries. Amid the broad trend toward societies becoming more wired and more globalized, we work to contribute to the development of industry as a whole. We also rededicate ourselves to bringing convenience to society's individual members, addressing the dissatisfaction, frustration, and other negative aspects in their lives that demand attention.

Toward the goal of realizing "a brighter, more fulfilling world in which each individual can shine," Recruit is ready to respond sincerely to the expectations of all stakeholders. Our goal is to be a corporate group that society relies on 50 years, and then a century, into the future.

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