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Sustainability at Recruit

Sustainability at Recruit

Contributing to a brighter and more fulfilling world in which all individuals can flourish

In April 2014, to realize our corporate mission of creating a prosperous society in which each individual flourishes, we reorganized the Recruit Group CSR Policy and began engaging in CSR initiatives guided by the new policy.

Focusing squarely on CSR as a way of "Contributing to Society Through Our Business" , we strive to be responsive to society's expectations and to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, both of which grow as our business expands. Based on our Five Core Themes, we collaborate with stakeholders to implement actions while continuing to challenge ourselves.

Recruit Group CSR Policy

Seeking a sustainable world of plenty, we contribute to society through all of our corporate activities. To do this, we take a long-term view in addressing social issues, committing ourselves to Three Guiding Principles and Five Core Themes.

Three Guiding Principles

Focusing squarely on CSR as "a way of contributing to society through our business"

Since its foundation in 1960, Recruit has developed its business by aiming to create a society in which each individual may flourish.

As our business developed, people came to expect more of us. We have achieved further growth and development by responding to these expectations. We continue to treat the needs of society as our own and strive to meet them.

At the same time, the growth of our business has expanded both our influence on society and our responsibility as a corporate citizen. We intend to make Recruit a leading company that confidently meets the expectations placed upon it.

Five Core Themes

In collaboration with our stakeholders, we promote CSR activities based on our Five Core Themes.

In order to realize our corporate mission of creating a prosperous society in which each individual flourishes, we have established the following Five Core Themes for our CSR activities. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we implement actions reflecting what we can and should do while continuing to challenge ourselves.

  • 1

    Enabling more people to flourish by creating opportunities to work

    Work provides an important opportunity for people to connect with society and live fulfilling lives. We will create opportunities for everyone to freely choose their own unique work style. It is our aim to help create a society that enables more people to unleash their full potential, grow through work, and thus flourish.

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  • 2

    Supporting diverse ways of living

    As the pace of change in society accelerates, people's values and ways of living are diversifying. Through actions that respond to the needs for regional revitalization and the demands of an aging society, we will provide a wider range of choices to meet diverse, individual needs. We aspire to help create a society in which all people can enjoy ways of living that reflect their true selves.

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  • 3

    Empowering tomorrow's talents

    Drawing out the potential of each person is essential for a brighter and more fulfilling world in which all individuals can flourish. In Japanese society, with its low birthrate, it is of particular importance to support and develop children and the young. We will strive to contribute to a society with less educational disparity and that meets the needs of all who are eager to learn. We will also endeavor to foster next generation leaders through career education and the training of human resources with global skills.

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  • 4

    Practicing and promoting innovative work styles

    Work styles continue to evolve as the times change. We will lead the way to a society in which the right of each individual to a fulfilling life is respected, and where people can work with purpose and enthusiasm. To do so, we shall ourselves promote diversity and create work styles that serve as models for Japanese society. In particular, we will show various innovative ways in which women can play an active role in the workplace, an area where Japan lags behind the international community.

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  • 5

    Respecting human rights and protecting the environment

    Respect for the human rights of each individual is the precondition for creating a society in which all people can flourish. We shall respect basic labor rights while eliminating discriminations and infringements upon human rights in all corporate activities. At the same time, to protect the global environment that serves as the stage for all human endeavors, we are working to expand the scope of our environmental efforts through our business activities, products, and services in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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