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The Environment

We are working to expand the scope of our environmental preservation activities through our business practices, products, and services, thereby contributing to sustainable societies.

Environmental Vision

We have established an environmental vision, "more eco more smile," and are working continuously to fulfill the four promises in that vision.

Environmental Management

We have introduced an environmental management system (ISO 14001) in which we assess the environmental impacts of our business activities and make improvements.

Environmental Activities Through Our Services

We provide services related to the environment that take advantage of the characteristics of each of our Group companies.

Combating Climate Change

Our diverse efforts include reducing waste in our print publications and Internet services and using environmentally friendly materials.

Recycling and Biodiversity

We conduct our environmental preservation efforts with an awareness of the relationship between our company and biodiversity. These include afforestation and use of timber from forest thinning.

Promoting Ecological Awareness

We promote ecological awareness among our employees and carry out activities in our offices to save energy and resources.

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