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Our Approach

Based on our corporate mission, we seek long-term and stable growth for our business. To achieve this, we must make transparent, fair, and timely decisions with an understanding of the standpoints of all stakeholders important to the Group, including users, clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, and local communities.

We believe that governance is a vital system to that end, as well as an indispensable component for continually enhancing our corporate value as an attractive company.

The Structure

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, the group's highest decision-making body, provides monitoring and oversight functions on the business management of each group company. Recruit's Board of Directors consists of six directors, including two external ones. Through external representation on the Board, Recruit aims to strengthen its oversight of business execution and improve the transparency of its management.


Audit and Supervisory Board

The Audit and Supervisory Board, consisting of four corporate auditors, monitors and oversees the directors. Two of the four corporate auditors are external. The corporate auditors participate in important meetings, such as the Board of Directors and the Business Strategy Meeting, in order to audit the status of directors' business operations and the current status of internal control systems. In addition, a third-party audit firm is responsible for performing accounting audits and assessing the appropriateness and legality of accounting and internal controls in accounting from an objective standpoint.


As part of efforts to strengthen the management oversight function, Recruit has voluntarily installed five committees under the direct control of the Board of Directors. In regard to the nomination, evaluation, and remuneration of directors, Recruit has created the Nomination Committee, the Evaluation Committee, and the Remuneration Committee. By reporting the details of committee deliberations to the Board of Directors, Recruit is working to improve transparency. The majority of the members of the three committees are external officers, and the committees are also chaired by external officers.

In addition, Recruit has installed three voluntary committees under the direct control of the Business Strategy Meeting, an advisory body to the President, CEO, and Representative Director. Launched in November 2003, the Management Advisory Committee, consisting of outside experts and some of Recruit's directors and executive officers, actively exchanges opinions on key management issues.

Management Advisory Committee Members (as of April 2017)

  • Mr. Atsushi Egawa, President and Country Managing Director, Accenture Japan Ltd
  • Mr. Kohzoh Takaoka, President and CEO, Nestlé Japan Ltd.
  • Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida, Board Director, Executive Deputy President and Chief Financial Officer, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation

Recruit has also installed the Ethics Committee as a forum to carry out preliminary deliberation of disciplinary actions of Recruit's executives and employees.

Governance Structure

Organization chart

Officer Remuneration Policy

The Company has established the Evaluation Committee and the Remuneration Committee chaired by an External Board Director as advisory bodies to the Board of Directors for the purpose of enhancing objectivity and transparency of remunerations for executives. In terms of the amount of officer remuneration, remuneration for Board Directors is determined by the Board of Directors taking into account the reports by the Evaluation Committee and the Remuneration Committee, while remuneration for Audit & Supervisory Board Members is determined on the basis of consultation among the Audit & Supervisory Board Members, within remuneration ranges approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

External Board Directors are selected based on the independence criteria prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as well as individual insight and capabilities in fulfilling duties and responsibilities as an External Board Director, regardless of gender, age and nationality.

In addition, the Company appoints external compensation consultants with a view to introducing objective viewpoints from outside the Company and expertise on officer remuneration systems. With their support, the Company reviews its remuneration standard and remuneration systems in light of external data, economic environment, industry trends and business conditions, among others.

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