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Human Rights

Our Approach

Respect for the human rights of all is the precondition for realizing our corporate mission of creating a society in which all individuals can live life to the fullest.

The Recruit Group Code of Ethics expressly stipulates respect for human rights and the prohibition of infringements of these rights.

  1. Respect for Human Rights and Elimination of Discrimination
    We will respect the human rights of individuals. Accordingly, we never commit any acts that promote unjustifiable discrimination.
  2. Securing a Pleasant Working Environment
    We will strive to create a work environment in which there is mutual trust and sound judgment.
    We eliminate any acts that infringe upon human rights including, but not limited to, discrimination, violent acts, sexual harassment, and power harassment in the workplace.

(Excerpt from the Recruit Group Code of Ethics)

Furthermore, "respecting human rights and protecting the environment" is one of the Five Core Themes in the Recruit Group CSR Policy. We declare that we will respect basic labor rights while eliminating discrimination and infringements upon human rights in all corporate activities.

Recruit Group Human Rights Policy

Implementation System

The following two units cooperate with the relevant sections of Group companies to conduct activities that ensure awareness of human rights throughout the Group.

Internal Control Office, Human Rights Awareness Department

The office gathers information on human rights issues pertaining to our business and workplaces and responds to consultations and inquiries from Group companies. It also carries out awareness education, such as by jointly organizing courses on various human rights issues with companies.

Social Enterprise Office, CSR Promotion Department

The office gathers information on global human rights issues and explores possibilities for future initiatives by the Group.

Human Rights Education

With Groupwide compliance education as the basis, we carry out training courses and other programs addressing human rights considerations particular to the products and services of individual Group companies.

Compliance Education

The compliance test administered to all employees throughout the Group includes human rights topics such as information management, compliance with laws and regulations, and prevention of sexual harassment.

Recruit Holdings provides Group companies with the education materials used in compliance education, and individual companies conduct training courses and tests tailored to their needs.


Education on Harassment

We provide education on power, sexual, and other forms of harassment for employees of different job descriptions and levels according to the needs of individual companies.

Courses Focusing on Companies' Products and Services

We offer courses tailored to the business characteristics of each company. Examples of the topics covered include discriminatory language in advertising, interactions of sales representatives with corporate clients and customers, implementation of usage standards, and avoidance of discriminatory language during production and face-to-face communication.

Counseling Service on Human Rights

Our counseling service for employees welcomes reports and inquiries regarding human rights, among other issues. It takes on every step of the process from receiving information and confirming the facts to solving the problem, exploring preventive measures, and conducting follow-up checks.


Tracking Global Issues and Enhancing Initiatives

The Recruit Group has conducted business operations with due consideration for human rights. But the range of human rights that corporations must address has been widening in recent years, and global debates have progressed on various human rights issues.

In fiscal 2014, to help us take our efforts to a new level, we launched a review of the documents, business content, and other elements of the Recruit Group's operations from the standpoint of globally recognized human rights issues. With the European Commission's Sector Guides on Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (for employment and recruitment agencies and for the information and communications technology sector) as a reference, we identified potential risks in our business activities and conducted hearings with each of our companies.

Based on what we have learned, we have begun discussions toward establishing a global policy on human rights.

Selected Activities 1

Recruit Sumai Company
Training on Discrimination Issues in the Housing Domain

The Recruit Sumai Company strives to prevent discriminatory language and behavior based on nationality, age, gender, or other grounds in its media operations and services. Working with Recruit Holdings' Office of Human Rights Awareness and Recruit Communications, it has compiled a booklet titled "Discrimination Issues in the Housing Domain," which it uses when organizing study groups on human rights in conjunction with introductory training for new recruits and transfers. It also gives online tests after the study groups to encourage better understanding.

In addition, the company conducts a separate program for employees who directly interact with customers at its Suumo Counters. The program helps to promote understanding about discriminatory language and behavior in the housing domain and awareness of the Recruit Group's rules and principles, as well as ensuring respect for human rights in day-to-day operations through examination of case studies.

Selected Activities 2

Recruit Jobs
Ensuring Appropriate Job Advertisements for Readers' Protection and Reducing Corporate Clients' Risks in Job Advertising

Since its founding, the Recruit Group--including Recruit Jobs--has developed unique standards for evaluating companies seeking workers, expressions used in job information, and other aspects of its services as a recruitment agency, placing the highest priority on the protection of readers. This is because we understand the weight that our job information carries in readers' lives.

Looking to the appropriateness of job advertisements greatly benefits our corporate clients as well, as it helps to prevent problems at the time of employment and promote staff retention.

To ensure that readers feel comfortable applying for and filling job openings, we have set up a division that specializes in evaluating the propriety and accuracy of job information. Its responsibilities include screening companies seeking workers and determining the eligibility of job information for posting.

Meanwhile, we distribute booklets to our corporate clients summarizing such topics as the basics of job advertising and advice on interviewing candidates. These booklets help clients to understand and apply human rights considerations by giving concrete examples of items and questions that are unrelated to verifying a candidate's aptitude and job performance capabilities, therefore representing potential sources of employment discrimination.

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