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For a Responsible Business Foundation

Aspiring to offer value to society by strengthening our management foundation, indispensable to business continuity, we have established a robust management framework and engage in activities with a clear aim.

Corporate Governance

We strive to enhance the transparency and soundness of management across the entire Group, and each operating company proactively promotes efforts toward that end.

Human Rights

We strive to foster diverse and creative organizations and engage in human rights education and awareness toward a world in which all individuals can live life to the fullest.

Labor Practices

To enable diverse employees to work in ways that are true to who they are, we provide systems to support their growth and environments in which they can realize their potential.

Fair Operating Practices

We aspire to continue being a trusted company by ensuring strict information management--a key component of our business--as well as by complying with laws and regulations.

Consumer Issues

We ensure the quality of the information that we provide to customers through our business by establishing a Groupwide policy, which is promoted at each of our operating companies.

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