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Promoting Diversity

Our Approach

The Recruit Group has been promoting diversity since 2006 with the aim of encouraging the active participation of female employees. We believe that an environment in which all employees--male and female--can fulfill their potential is vital to realizing our management philosophy of "respect for all individuals."

Our efforts began by addressing the issue of long working hours. Since 2007, we have implemented initiatives focusing on work-life balance to develop an environment that allows employees to work with stability, such as by establishing an on-site daycare center in our corporate headquarters.

In 2010, we broadened our focus to include initiatives that promote the participation of women in management and corporate decision-making positions. With the change of our governance structure in October 2012, we expanded the initiatives formerly conducted within Recruit to all of our key Recruit Group companies in Japan.* We are working to create a Groupwide culture that promotes diversity in the workplace.

Our Target for Women in Corporate Decision-Making Positions

In September 2012, we announced a new target for the percentage of women in corporate decision making (as Executive Officers or other positions with comparable authority) throughout key Recruit Group companies in Japan, setting it at 10% or more by April 2015. We achieved the target with 17, or 13.2%, of executive positions being filled by women as of April 2015, up from just 5, or 5.3%, in October 2012.

Beginning in 2015, we are also working toward a medium-term target of increasing the proportion of female managers throughout key Recruit Group companies in Japan to 30% or more by April 2018. This figure was 20.9% in April 2014 and 23.6% in April 2015.

The percentages of women in management and corporate decision-making positions have been growing as follows.

Notes: Figures through fiscal 2012 are for Recruit Co., Ltd., and figures for fiscal 2013 and later are consolidated for the seven operating companies, three support function companies, and Recruit Holdings. All figures are as of April of each fiscal year. Board-level positions are defined through fiscal 2012 as Executive Officers or above at Recruit Co., Ltd., and from fiscal 2013 as Executive Officers or positions with comparable authority at key Group companies in Japan.

Groupwide Diversity Measures

The Recruit Group implements various Groupwide measures to promote diversity.

Women's Leadership Program: Developing Women for Senior Management

In a Groupwide survey on diversity, less than 40% of women in the organization expressed a desire to take on higher positions in the future, compared to roughly 70% of men. To develop women for senior management, it is important to instill in them a stronger awareness of what they want to achieve and the ambition to rise higher.

The Women's Leadership Program is designed for female candidates for senior management positions. The half-year vision training encourages them to articulate and refine the vision and goals that they want to achieve as they engage in panel discussions with female Executive Officers in the Recruit Group, sessions with role models outside the company, and other courses. They give a final presentation at the end of the six months.

About 20 women participated in fiscal 2013 and about 30 in fiscal 2014. The program will be continued in fiscal 2015.

Career Cafe 28: Career Development Meeting and Event for 28-Year-Old Female Employees

The percentage of working mothers among female employees in the Recruit Group has steadily increased since 2008, when we launched initiatives to support work-life balance including the establishment of an on-site daycare center. As of fiscal 2014, working mothers accounted for roughly 21% of female employees, or more than one in five.

Meanwhile, we have learned that many young women in our workforce have concerns about their work-life balance but have not been able to consult with their supervisors. To address this, we began a career development meeting and event called Career Cafe 28 in fiscal 2011 with the message that we support women who are proactive in both their work and their personal lives. The program holds social events with senior colleagues and individual meetings to help participants at around age 28, a critical juncture in life, to think about their individual strengths and future careers.

In fiscal 2014, we held workshops on two themes--career advancement and balancing work with child rearing--for female full-time employees aged 28, give or take three years, and 89 employees attended. We also held 90-minute individual meetings with 48 of the workshop participants aged 27-28. Participants in the meetings have provided positive comments, such as "I was able to discuss my concerns over my future career" and "Career 28 has helped me find my role model," demonstrating the positive impact that this initiative has had in helping women consider their future careers.

Diversity Initiatives by Group Companies

Since the October 2012 change in governance structure, each key Recruit Group company has been independently promoting diversity initiatives.

Female participation in management among key Group companies in Japan

Below are the percentages of women in management positions among key Group companies in Japan as of April 2015.

Company namePercentage of female managers
Recruit Career Co., Ltd. 20.1%
Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd. 19.8%
Staff Service Holdings 14.9%
Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. 41.4%
Recruit Sumai Company Ltd. 17.7%
Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. 27.9%
Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. 25.8%
Recruit Communications Co., Ltd. 23.5%
Recruit Administration Co., Ltd. 35.0%
Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd. 7.8%
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. 15.7%
Recruit Group average 21.7%

Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

And's: Our On-Site Daycare Center

We set up the on-site daycare center And's in January 2008 in the same building as Recruit's headquarters to provide women who are keen to develop their career but do not have access to daycare the freedom to return to work after maternity leave.

The center upholds the principles of "valuing the individual's growth, spontaneity, and communication" and "stressing diversity, speed, and flexibility"--both of which reflect the Recruit Group's character.

Since the center was opened, the proportion of women returning to work has increased, as has the proportion of working mothers among female employees. Recruit has also concluded corporate contracts with childcare providers to meet needs for flexible approaches to childcare support.

External Awards

2014 J-Win Diversity Awards

Recruit received the Grand Prize in the Advanced category of the 2014 J-Win Diversity Awards (Corporate Awards), sponsored by the specified nonprofit organization Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win).

These awards are presented to companies that, as the first step to promoting diversity, take proactive measures to hire, develop, and promote women using innovative approaches and that are posting business gains as a result.

Recruit was highly evaluated for accelerating its measures to promote diversity and inclusion and establishing pipelines for Groupwide efforts to foster women leaders, including sharing information on independent steps taken by Group companies and disclosing the percentages of women holding management positions at Group companies, as well as targets for women's participation.

This is Recruit's third J-Win Diversity Award, following its Grand Prize in 2008 and a Runner-up Prize in 2013.

Click here for a report on the award ceremony (in Japanese).

2014 Diversity Management Selection 100, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Recruit Holdings was named as one of the companies selected for the 2014 Diversity Management Selection 100 (METI Minister's Award). Administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the program commends companies that have achieved business results by engaging in diversity management--creating innovation and generating new value by securing a wide range of human resources and allowing them to exercise their full potential.

Recruit Holdings was chosen for achieving managerial effects by promoting diversity since 2006, including a threefold increase in female employees juggling work and family life and the case of a female employee who revolutionized a bridal magazine based on her insights from having entered a new stage of life.

Click here to learn more about Diversity Management Selection 100 (in Japanese).

* The "key Group companies in Japan" discussed above are:

■ Group Headquarters
 Recruit Holdings

■ Seven Main Business Companies
 Recruit Career
 Recruit Jobs
 Staff Service Holdings
 Recruit Staffing
 Recruit Sumai Company
 Recruit Marketing Partners
 Recruit Lifestyle

■ Three Main Support Function Companies
 Recruit Communications
 Recruit Administration
 Recruit Technologies

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